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On October 16, 1961, the Cork Airport was opened and is now known as the second largest airport in Ireland, with the most connections, excluding Dublin. This airport is widely known and loved, considering it hit a record high of 3.25 million passengers in 2008. It services its namesake, Cork, the second largest city of the Irish Republic, just after Dublin. Cork came into being in the 7th century, when a monastery was established by St. Fin Barre on a previous Viking settlement. Throughout subsequent centuries, despite Viking incursions, the village grew and thrived, and eventually came under British rule. Much of Cork was destroyed by the violent bloodshed of the Irish Civil War involving Irish Nationalists’ efforts to gain independence from the British. Eventually many of the counties would be freed from British rule with the signing of the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty, which established a future self-governing Irish Free State and a new state of Northern Ireland within the British Commonwealth. However, there would be no easy peace. Eventually, in 1949 the Republic of Ireland would be established. There would be continued fighting within and among the two states and Britain. The Irish Republican Army’s guerilla fight for Northern Ireland’s liberation from the British Commonwealth – something which was opposed by many in Northern Ireland – would by protracted and bloody. Finally, in 1972 the Good Friday Agreement was signed, ushering in a new era of peace between the two Irish nations.


Cork is located on Ireland’s southern coast and connected to the sea by Cork Harbor. Its weather can be described simply as temperate due to the influence of Atlantic Ocean’s breeze, with the temperature averaging a mild 50 degrees (F). July, July and August are typically the hottest months with January and February the coldest, and December the wettest. However, Irish weather can be a bit unpredictable so it is best to be prepared with clothing that can accommodate changes in temperature. The key is to dress in layers with a sweater and waterproof outerwear that can be easily stripped off as the weather commands. Drive in your cheap rental car to any of the many attractions where the nice temperate weather will remind you why this is such a lovely place to visit.



Take full advantage of great car rental deals booked through and get a rental car to drive to the Artisan marketplace known as the English Market. Sample all the local specialties that even Queen Elizabeth enjoyed on her 2011 visit. From 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. (Monday through Saturday), you can visit food businesses offering their best items, or you can visit the “start-up stall” where local food businesses get their big break and try to make it in the ‘cutthroat food world.’

If walking through a marketplace isn’t your thing, you can visit the City Limits Comedy Club. The club has a 97% approval rating (not including the “average” comments), and it rightfully deserves it. If you visit their Facebook, they offer ticket giveaways very often. This comedy club offers great comedians at a low price, so if you’re interested in having a night of fun, visit this club on your trip!

If you are ready for a little outdoor experience, the Belfast Botanic Gardens should be next.  It is a great way to just calm down, relax after a difficult day, and revel in the great deal you got on your rental car with If you’re from the tropics or just enjoy the general aesthetic of the tropics, then park your rental car and enter The Palm House for tropical plants, birds, and seasonal exhibits/displays. History and architecture buffs alike are drawn to Belfast Castle, for obvious reasons. This venue offers many year-round events, and offers booking for one of your own events. Although the current building is from 1870, there has been a castle on the land since the 1100s (12th century).

Museums may be your cup of tea and that’s perfectly fine! The Cork Public Museum is open from 11:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. and then again from 2:15 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. It informs visitors about the history of the city of Cork. The museum is located in Fitzgerald’s Park, which is a lovely park with a river where you can stroll while going over what you learned at the library. If you wish to see another museum with a more eerie feel to it, drive your cheap rental car to the Cork City Gaol, just across the river from Fitzgerald’s Park. In use until 1923, the former prison now-turned museum will give you a glimpse into the distressing prison conditions endured by many prisoners – some temporarily housed until shipped to their final destination on the prison colony of Australia.

To wind down from the Gaol prison experience, grab your inexpensive rental car, and head over to see the majestic St. Anne’s Church Shandon Bells. If you climb through to the steeple (132 steps), you’ll have the chance to play the tune of your choosing on the bells! St. Anne’s is a beautiful 18th century building, made of limestone, with grey limestone on one side, and red on the other.

You can also visit the Marina and the Atlantic Pond -- a 15 minute drive from town – where you can see local rowers on the river, while enjoying all the other natural sights this park has to offer. Crossing the road, leaving the Marina, you reach the Atlantic Pond. Here you can see birds normally associated with water and you can walk around the pond, taking in the calmness of the water. Take a 15 minute walk or drive over to Blackrock Castle, a small ancient castle transformed into an observatory, where you can learn about space and the cosmos and enjoy a delightful lunch on the grounds. Once you are done, take a leisurely relaxed drive in your great deal rental car booked with, and tuck yourself in for the night.


When you book your great deal for your cheap rental car from, you can explore Cork, Ireland and its surrounding sites on your own terms and maximize your enjoyment of the countryside and all the attractions. Take advantage of all the discounted rates offers and book with any one of the agencies just waiting to give you best price and convenient way to get you going on your dream vacation.

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