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As the world's number one online car rental service, we won’t be beaten on price. We work with every major car hire company in the world, negotiating preferential prices that are only available to customers. The companies we work with give us lower prices because of the volume we send them. On a rare occasion, someone offers a lower price that we simply haven’t seen yet, which is where you come in. If you have found a comparable deal for less, we want to know! Tell us who, what, where & when. Tell us how much they are charging – and we will match or beat the price.
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The capital of Austria, Vienna is a cultural and historical haven that offers beautiful vistas and gorgeous architecture for those lucky enough to pay it a visit.  

From Ancient Time

Evidence of the city dates back to prehistoric times, when it was little more than a settlement and home to the Celts. Under the Roman rule, it came to be known as Veindobona, a military base guarding against enemies of the Roman Empire. Years later in 1146, the House of Babenberg assumed control for nearly a decade, and in 1278, the Habsburg Dynasty began its rule over Austria and allowed it to prosper. Later in 1556, after the Habsburg seized control of Hungry and Bohemia, Vienna was established as the capital of the empire. During the Napoleonic wars, Vienna was lost, twice, to the accomplished military leader. But it served as a central player in the restoration of Europe with the most comprehensive treaty negotiated at the Congress of Vienna following the end of the Napoleonic wars.  

Vienna of Today

Vienna offers many attractions and sites of amazement to the tourists. One such building is the enormous Schonbrunn Palace which holds great cultural value to the Austrians. Home to the Habsburgs, the Baroque palace is a palatial residence, exuding opulence and style. One must venture out to the beautiful and extensive gardens that boast a stunning fountain as well as a maze. Another complex is the Hofburg Palace which was used by the Habsburgs in the colder months and can be toured to bask in the sumptuous beauty of the architecture. The Town Hall in Vienna, named the Rathaus, is known for its gothic towers and allows one a look into and wonder at the work that is carried out within its walls. For the musically inclined, the Vienna State Opera is among the finest in the world. It can accommodate up to 2,200 and boasts modern technology displays for each seat with subtitles and show information as it offers over 50 operas and ballets 300 days per season.

See the Country  

The city of Vienna has an abundance of extraordinary sights and makes for a great place to start off on a day trip to some of the exciting neighboring areas. Booking a cheap car rental with allows one the luxury of experiencing all that Vienna and its surrounding countryside can offer. An hour out of Vienna reside the towns of Melk and Krems and the spectacular Wachau Valley, through which the Danube River runs its course. With villages, monasteries galore, it is a hotspot for visitors and more so for the food offered here. For those looking to embark on a longer road trip, drive out to Budapest, still revered by many as the Paris of the East. With numerous castles to explore along with various other cultural sites, Budapest makes for a great stop. Salzburg, home to Mozart, has an elegant beauty reflected in the style of the buildings and with the mountainous backdrop, the city offers great adventure.  


During the months of April to May and September through October, you can expect moderate weather, with no teeming crowds hobbling the city. It is best to visit during the spring if one is looking to avoid the crowds and get rooms at a reasonable rate. Many tourists flock to Vienna during the summer, to better enjoy the great outdoors.  


The Vienna International Airport, the busiest and the largest in the country of Austria, sees a great influx of travelers and commercial flights. Located in Schwechat, just outside of Vienna, the airport provides great luxury and facilities to those who choose its services, allowing comfortable traveling.  

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