A unique place to visit, the capital of Netherlands opens itself to visitors from all around the world, who travel far and wide to bask in the vibrancy of the culture as well as to take a tour in the canals. A city filled with luxuriating vistas and many exciting activities, it is no surprise that Amsterdam is a haven of tourism that deserves a visit.  

Historical Facts

The foundation of Amsterdam was laid back in the 13th Century when it was little but a fishing village. After acquiring trading rights for importing beer, the city flourished. The gained their freedom after nearly eighty years of war between the Spanish and the Dutch, that ultimately paved way for their independence in 1648 and with the dawn of the 17th Century came the Dutch Golden Age, during which the city progressed and rose to become one of the richest cities in the world.  

Foraying Through the Canals

Art is a vital part of the culture in Amsterdam and can be found in great museums such as the Van Gough Museum, although small galleries can also be found in the area of Jordaan that display unique pieces and the entry is affordable for those travelling on a budget. Enjoy ferry rides from the water-front and explore the canal belt that features many shops and cafes. Plan a picnic at the large expanse of Vondelpark that offers a beautiful view and taste the food from various food stalls that are done in the Amsterdam fashion.  

Cruising Through Natures Gifts  

Although the capital is notable for the immense number of bicycles that people employ as their mode of transit, it is for one’s own convenience that when venturing out of the city limits, one should take up the services offered by Compare Auto and hire a cheap rental car to explore the surrounding attractions. Make the most of your trip and experience amazing sites such as the Keukenhof Gardens, which is renowned as the largest flower garden on the planet and is filled with the sweet scents and stunning beauty. Another spot to stop at is the medieval town of Bruges, which is almost like traveling into the past with its historic ambiance and structures. And to experience a simpler lifestyle, the village of Volendam, a mere twenty minutes’ drive from Amsterdam, is a charming view into a fisherman’s life.  

The Sun Always Shines in Amsterdam

With exuberant rainfall in many of the months, it is best to come prepared to Amsterdam. People tend to visit in spring, during the tulip season when the weather is quite pleasant. But the summertime in when the city comes alive, with people bustling outside to enjoy the sunshine. Fall and winter however, tend to be off seasons in terms of tourism.  

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The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the primary airport in Netherlands and is also the largest and one of the busiest in Europe. It previously served as a military airbase in 1916. The airport provides great amenities to its travelers and there is even a library that can be perused.