Athens, the capital of Greece offers much in the way of exciting wonders and temples and exudes a vibrant lifestyle that can many any vacation an enjoyable one. Fly down to the city and bask in its history and beauty.  

From Ancient Beginnings

Included among some of the oldest cities in the world, Athens has an extensive history. Inhabited for over 3000 years, it consisted of but a citadel, the Acropolis and the social center Agora as well as the Pnyx, where the Athenian assembly congregated. Acropolis was expanded into a sanctuary and other buildings were erected, which in 480 BC were burned down by the Persians. The reconstruction began almost immediately. The Parthenon, built in 447 BC on top of the Acropolis, served to pay homage to the goddess Athena. Over the years, Romans and even the Turks assumed control over Athens until 1833, when it was made the capital of Greece and the land flourished into what it is today.  

Wander Through the Past

A city rife with reminders of the past, Athens still holds great memories of times long forgotten. The Acropolis, as well as the Parthenon, are still standing tall to this day and can be climbed to bask in the glory of ancient times. A museum housing great artistic Greek words is also located in the vicinity. The Benizelou Mansion is the only surviving home from the time when the Turks ruled the land. Restored and open to the public as a museum, the mansion gives a visual of the life led by the people of that time. Agora, which served as a marketplace back in the day, can be admired from afar, while those interested can venture into the area and enjoy a pleasing walk. The Temple of Olympian Zeus, the largest in ancient Greece, can also be explored although it is not as well maintained as the Parthenon, but is just as grand nonetheless.  

Explore the Wonders 

For those looking to take advantage of their trip to Athens and explore the rest of Greece, there are a great many places to see. Book an affordable rental car with and head out to Cape Sounion to explore the Temple of Poseidon in all its magnificence. Another archeological site of great interest is Delphi, that boasts the Temple of Apollo and the Delphi Museum with its many treasures. Drive on to the Olympia, where the Olympic games began and were originally hosted. If you are looking to connect with nature and find peace, take a road trip out to Meteora, which is famous for the precariously perched monasteries, that sit atop rocky mountains. With such long distances to cover, it is highly recommended that one hire a rental car from to aid in the traveling to the many sites Athens has to offer.  

Best Weather to Plan For

For moderate weather, one should visit Athens from April to June, when there is less of a crowd. The months of summer should be avoided as the heat can be unbearable and with many of the attractions outdoors, it can be quite uncomfortable. Winter and Autumn offer a very pleasant weather, making it easier to get around even during the day.  

Booking Your Flight

Athens International Airport (AIA) is the sole airport in the city of Athens and caters to any and all international flights. The airport aims to accommodate the travelers to the best of its abilities and provide economical fare.