The capital of Georgia, Atlanta is quite a populous metropolitan city of the US. Previously known as Terminus and Marthasville, the city of the Phoenix is also home to the author being famed book Gone with the Wind. It is a great place for tourists to flag to and offers some of the best experiences. But to get the most out of the city, enjoy the convenience and liberty offered by the, and get cheap rental car for hire to roam around the city with ease.  


Atlanta is situated on the property which was previously called as Fort Peachtree, a frontier between the Cherokee and Creek Indians. Atlanta was formulated to essentially meet the requirements of the railroads and soon a settlement was established so much so that the area became a rail hub for the US. However, during the Civil War, William T. Sherman laid siege to the area and the city was burned to ashes and was reconstructed in the wake of the war, and is symbolized by the Phoenix to portray its rise back from the ashes. The famous Coca Cola brand is an Atlanta-based product which was launched back in 1886 as a headache tonic and grew into an empire. 

Things to Do

Atlanta offers some amazing places to explore whether you’re on holiday with the family, on a romantic getaway or simply visiting on your own. For those who appreciate nature, the Atlanta Botanical Garden is a blissful haven providing myriad of exhibits and shows that are both knowledgeable and entertaining. Paying homage, the World of Coca Cola is also a highly visited indoor attraction that gives visitors a great experience about the making of the beverage and a trip down memory lane as well. Another place of interest in Atlanta is the headquarters of CNN. At the CNN Center, you get to foray around and get souvenirs. 


Once you have booked your great deal for a cheap rental car hire with Compare Auto Rental, enjoy a relaxing drive to some very charming sites with amazing views which can be found in the vicinity of Atlanta. When cruising down Highway 41, the Tara Museum which is fashioned after the house from Gone with the Wind is a popular spot and along the journey you come across beautiful cherry blossom trees. Summerville, a short drive out of Atlanta is an idyllic town that attracts tourist from around the world to partake in the activities and attraction. Toccoa Falls is aptly named as the waterfall is a beautiful gem of nature. Likened to the Niagara Falls, it offers a great place to hike around and enjoy a picnic. 


Atlanta is one of those places that is enjoyable throughout the year but if you are looking to avoid the heat, it is best to visit in the spring when the weather is mild. But to better enjoy the outdoor activities, from May to August, you can enjoy the numerous concerts and tour the city as well. 


The Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia is the primary airport in the city and is the busiest of airports in the world, with the amount of aircrafts and passenger traffic it receives.