With a turbulent history, the city of Barcelona offers the tourist much of the past mixed in with works of the present. With gothic and modern architecture, medieval constructions and the sort, the city makes for an extraordinary adventurous journey.  

Historical Facts

Historical evidence shows that Barcelona was founded in 218 BC by the Romans and, at the time, was called as Barcino, although this was changed to Barcinona in the 5th century, when the land was taken over by the Visigoths. During the Spanish Marches, the region was made into a country, the County of Barcelona, which expanded and came to be known as Catalonia. Catalonia soon united with the Crown of Aragon as one of its principalities but later in the 17th century, it warred with Spain for independence. In the 19th century, Barcelona saw an Industrial Revolution and went on to host the Olympic Games in 1992. Today the city holds many memoirs of the past in its museums as well as in the form of the architecture.  

Things to Do

Indulge in exciting pursuits while visiting Barcelona. The best way to explore more of the city is on foot, where one can meander through to parks such as the Parc de la Ciutadella and take in the beautiful panoramas. Rich in culture and art, Barcelona familiarizes you with many of Antoni Gaudi’s work that litters the city, especially the Sagrada Familia and numerous others. Remnants from the 3rd century are at display in the Plaza del Rei and are a point of great interest for historic enthusiasts. For those musically inclined, the city boasts many concert halls including the Gran Teatre del Liceu and the Palau de la Música Catalana decked out in great splendor. Try out some of the most delicious food at La Boqueria.  

Places to Drive to  

Make your visit the most memorable time of your life by taking in as much of the city and its surroundings as possible. For your convenience and ease, rent a hired car such as those made available by Compare Auto and venture out of the city limits on a road trip. Make your way through the charming town of Girona, stopping off to take in the Cathedral de Santa Maria before continuing on to the coastal village of Cadeques in Costa Brava. Bask in the oceanic vista with magnificently azure waters and tour the village. For those interested, head out to Port Ligat and visit the famous House Museum and end the day by enjoying the glorious sunset from Cap de Creus.  


Barcelona has a mild climate throughout the year, although most tourists choose to visit the city in June through to August. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, visit during the shoulder season. September and October offer mild weather in the days and pleasant evenings, making for a good time to plan your visit as well.  


Although the city of Barcelona only has one airport, the El Prat de Llobregat Aeropuerto, tourists can also utilize the airports of nearby Girona and Reus to make it into the Barcelona. With economical fare, those travelling on a budget can choose to land in the airports in either city, and then travel to Barcelona.