The capital of Germany, Berlin, is a city that offers exceptional attractions for many a tourist and is a beautiful city. Brimming with history and art, the city never fails to mesmerize with its vibrant culture.  

Blast from the Past

Berlin was established back in the 13th century, when it was merged with the town of Kolln. Both the towns were of great importance as they provided a profitable trade route. Ruled over by an Ascanian, the area flourished until in 1319, after the death of the ruler the towns became a target for many robbers. The towns floundered yet persevered, and even progressed until the Thirty Years’ War, which left Berlin in complete ruin. Then came Friedrich Wilhelm, who saw to it that Berlin was accorded safety and allowed the town to grow and progress. Napoleon later went on to occupy the grounds of Berlin as well. Many years of warfare followed before the metropolis of today began to take share to what we see today.  

Wander the City

Berlin offers a plethora of scenic views such as those of the Grunewald Forest, where tourists can enjoy a leisurely stroll and have a picnic amidst the lush greenery. Those inclined can take a swim through the waters of Wannsee and Schlachtensee, should the weather allow such an excursion. With such an extravagant heritage, Berlin has a Museum Island that can be visited. Housing five of the finest museums in Berlin, they are a treasure trove not to be missed. Then there is the Mauer Park which is especially busy and fun during the Sunday flea market, when the park is bustling with vendors and the like. To take in glorious sights, one should climb up the Reichstag, which accords a breathtaking panorama of the city.  

Venture onto the Roads  

To explore more of the country and see Berlins surrounding establishments, visitors can easily hire a rental car from Compare Auto and easily drive around, without worrying about pesky bus schedules and enjoy the liberty to explore. Plan a road trip to see the many vocational attractions littering Germany. Potsdam is a short drive out of Berlin and is the capital of Brandenburg. With castles and beautiful gardens to see, the city also has a studio that many enthusiasts might wish to check out. Another place to see is Pfaueninsel, the Peacock Island, a great romantic retreat with lush nature and splendidly feathered peacocks.  

Weather Conditions

With spades of greenery and parks to explore, the most preferred season to visit Berlin would be in the Summer, which is when the most tourists flock to the city. The weather at this time, especially from May through to September, is ideal to walk through the city and enjoy it at its best. Winters are exceptionally cold, however for those travelling on a budget, it might be preferable.  


The city of Berlin has two airports, the Berlin Tegel and the Berlin Schoenefeld. Although both receive international flights, the latter caters to the low-budget flights and is incredibly economical for tourists.