Budapest, the capital of Hungary, makes for a very pleasant and interesting visit for anyone looking to enjoy a good time. Considered to be the Paris of the east but less expensive, the city is a cultural and architectural center that has tourists flying in from across the globe.  

How It All Began

Budapest started out as a mere settlement back during the Stone Age, until the Romans happened upon the land around 89 AD and established the fort of Aquincum alongside the Danube river, where today Obuda stands. The area on both sides of the river came to be collectively called Pest, as development continued. The towns of Buda and Pest underwent great trade and after the Mongol invasion of Hungary, castles were built all around the country, with one of the finest made in Buda. Soon, the town of made the royal seat, with Pest prospering as well. And it was in 1873 when the three cities were unified and came to be known as Budapest.  

Bask in the City Air

A city buzzing with great adventure for the tourists to delve into, Budapest offers much in the way of brilliant attractions. The architectural magnificence of the Parliament Building, with its gothic appearance and style is a brilliant place to visit or even admire from across the Danube. Enjoy a grand afternoon at Gellert Bath by relaxing under the expert massages offered by the masseuses at the sauna or submerge in the grand pools of the spa center. Wander through Heroes Square and admire the prominent monument that pays homage to eminent historical figures of Hungary. Take a walk along the river Danube, credited to be the second-longest in Europe, and admire the many attractions the city has to offer, such as Buda Castle and Fisherman’s Bastion. Try out some of the traditional dishes such as the goulash soup and the Palinka at various pubs around the city.

Traverse the Country  

Although Budapest is filled with iconic attractions and monuments, there are sites of considerable interest outside the city limits as well. Allow to facilitate you in your endeavor to explore more of Hungary and hire an economical rental car, that gives you added liberty to move around. Drive out to Eger Town a little outside Budapest, which houses beautiful castles such as the Castle of Eger just waiting to be explored. Godollo Palace, done in the Baroque fashion, is a magnificent piece of architecture, highlighting great events of the Hungarian history and makes for an exciting spot to visit. Take a tour of Aggtelek National Park, a veritable gem, with the Baradla Cave and venture through its highly impressive tunneling passages.  

Weather Conditions

Plan your trip to the city in the best of days to make the best of memories. Many people prefer the summer months of July and August to visit Budapest, regardless of the heat. However, the best time to come to the city is from March to May and September through to November when there is comparatively less of a crowd and the weather is relatively mild.  

Airport Facilities

The Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport receives all commercial flights and is among the largest in the country. While it is small, the airport ensures complete comfort and safety to the travelers to make their experience the best.