GUIDE TO Buenos Aires


The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires has much to offer its tourism population and the locals alike that makes a day out the most pleasure filled and exciting adventure one can hope to have. From shopping excursions, opera functions and tango lessons, the city is filled with culture and fun activities.  


An interesting aspect of the city is that it was founded not once, but twice. In 1880, the city was made the capital of Argentina and it progressed and grew to be a glorious city. It allowed immigrants from many counties to inhabit the city such as the Italians and Spanish people. Through many political as well as economic disasters, the city emerged as the powerful and wealthy capital that it is today. 


The Palermo neighborhood houses botanical gardens, parks and museums such as Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires as well as many cafes and bistros as well as film studios. For those interested in the Argentinian history, the Recoleta cemetery is a good place to visit. Eva Peron, the woman who inspired the musical Evita that starred Madonna as the lead actress, is laid to rest in the cemetery along with other notable figures of the country. To learn more on the tango culture of the city, the Complejo Tango is complex that teaches as well as hosts nighttime shows in the dance form. Visitors can also go to La Boca where the tradition of tango is more rampant as dancers prance about and tango halls line the streets.


For the more outdoorsy people, many day trips outside of Buenos Aires can be planned. Argentina has some very beautiful vistas that can be explored. Tigre Delta, a short ride from the city has many water related activities such as kayaking that can be enjoyed or one can simply sit near the river, sipping on a beer and take in the view. Although farther away from Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls are an absolute treasure that provide stunning views so much so that they are considered to be on par with those seen at Niagara. Colonia, with its beaches, galleries and cafes is the place to go for some much needed down time or simply for a holiday retreat.  


With excruciating heat in the summer and frigid winters in July, the best time to visit the city of Buenos Aires is in the fall and the spring. If travelling on a budget, the months of April and June has travel offers that are very accommodating. However, to fully appreciate the beatific scenery in the city, especially the jacaranda trees, one should visit in October or November. 


Two airports can be used to enter the city. The international airport of EZE offers costly flights and is distance from the city but is the better option of the two. Although it is recommended that visitors hire a rental car to be there at the airport to make for easy transport. The airport inside the city is the AEP which channels connecting international flights. It is more accessible as it is in the heart of the city, providing greater offer great car rental deals that allow visitors to hire cheap rental cars.