You will find some of the best weather all year round in Cancun even though May through October will be quite rainy and wet. Temperatures will range from a low 70°F to high 80°F with June typically the hottest month at an average high of 82°F and January the coolest with a balmy 73°F low.

Experiences in Cancun

If you want to travel the Riviera Maya is style and comfort, book a low cost rental car with When you pick up your rental car, explore the vibrant local fun life, and take a sweet ride to one of many bars and clubs in and around Cancun. Party and enjoy margaritas, chips and salsa (all in moderation), dance and have loads of fun at Carlos and Charlie's, the Congo Bar, Sweet Nightclub, The City Nightclub in Cancun, Mandala Disco, or Dady 'O.

Use the following day for a relaxing experience. Playa Tortugas, --- minutes from Cancun, named for its famed endangered tortoise residents within the protective Costa Tortugas, is a breezy public beach with snorkeling, diving, bungee-jumping, or plain old swimming. Don't want to dip in the waters, try simply lounging and soaking up the breeze as you sip your cool drinks. When you have built up your appetite, sample any of culinary treats through the quaint open air restaurants all along the beach. Want to keep the fun going? Before you drive back to your hotel, hop a ferry to Isla Mujeres, a small five-mile island, with more beaches, reefs, sleeping shark caves as well as shopping and restaurants.

Once you have fully rested mind, body and soul, take a short two hour drive south in your inexpensive car rental from to Tulum. The Mayan Ruins of Tulum, will transport you to a mysterious place and time within a walled complex surrounded by glimmering turquoise colored waters and boasting its own beach. The unique, and only Mayan city complex by the sea, may trigger an adventurous streak in you as you imagine the bustling city state which once thrived within its walls.

At the ecological park of Kantun-Chi, take a Cenote/Underground Cave Tour where you will be provided with a guide and special gear to swim and wade as you explore this amazing underground maze of stalactites, stalagmites and columns standing in testament to the centuries of culture they have witnessed.

If you want to explore the Yucatan Peninsula, prior to driving back to Cancun, take a slight detour to the ancient Mayan ruins at Coba, a 42 mile city-state complex which remains largely unexcavated to this day but which houses El Castillo, the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan and beautiful examples of carved Mayan stelae, pillars and other stone carvings within the complex.

If you are really adventurous, you can drive west and visit the ancient Mayans ruins at Chichen Itza. Just as with the incredible site at Tulum, the majestic awe of these ruins will make the trip worthwhile. Stop along the way at the local shops and restaurants and experience life as the locals do.