The highly populated city of Chicago offers much in the way of entertainment, so much so that deciding on the things to do can be a difficult task. Develop an itinerary and explore all the greatness that the city holds. 


Chicago, founded in 1930, served as a hunting’s ground for the Native Americans and was a trading hub of great importance to the locals. The city progressed and developed until 1871, when the Great Chicago Fire razed most of the businesses in the area and killed many. After World War One, Chicago became home to many gangsters and their illicit dealings resulted in a state of anarchy. But with the war also came the Great Migration that saw an influx of people into the city which increased employability.  


From top notch dining experiences, to countless shopping opportunities, explore the best of Chicago. The Shedd Aquarium allows a great look into the oceanic depths with an amazing offering of marine life. Enjoy an out of this world experience at the Adler Planetarium as you gaze up at the expansive night sky. At the Navy Pier, ride the Ferris wheel or enjoy a show at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. Millennium Spot is also a great hotspot for the tourist to see with public art and exhibits of architecture on display. The Wrigley Field stadium can also be utilized and toured for the sport enthusiasts.


Chicago already has a bevy of sightseeing and immersing activities that the tourists can enjoy but for the locals or the great travelers, one can always journey a bit outside the confines of the city and explore the neighboring areas. Make a getaway to Geneva and spend some quality time outside nature or partake in the lemonade at Salerno’s. The lake of Geneva should also be explored for a hiking expedition along the lake in the town of Williams Bay and enjoy cocktails at the Baker House. Grand Rapids in Michigan, a three hour drive from Chicago, is highly recommended for those that prefer the finest of beer because this city is famous for it. Canoeing is also encouraged in the Grand River is one is feeling adventurous. All such travel becomes easy when you’re moving around in your cheaply hired car rental booked with  


The best conditions to visit Chicago in, is from April through to May and also from September through to October. The months boast moderately warm weather that is the best for attending the variety of ongoing in the city. Summer is generally when the tourists flock to the city to partake in the festivals and many activities arranged through Chicago. However, winters tend to be frigid but the harsh weather allows the hotel and airfare to be quite accommodating.  


The O’Hare International Airport sees the most airway traffic in Chicago and is the largest in both the country as well as the world. With plenty of passengers utilizing its services, the airport makes the travel as accommodating and comfortable as can be. The airport feature restaurants to yoga centers that are a great way to pass the time. You can hire cheap car rentals here with