In the heart of Texas lies the city that is famed for its sumptuous cuisine, erratic lifestyle and a profound history. Dallas is known to entice the tourists into falling in love with all it has to offer, from the people to the food and some of the most fun a person can get up to. So pack your bags, book your flight and be prepared to power through the city for an adventurous holiday. 


The metropolitan area has very humbling roots. The settlement came into existence when founder John Neely Bryan came onto the area of Three Forks and plotted the construction of a town which he was successful in building and soon after, the town was populated by settlers from the neighboring colonies. In 1856, with 2000 residents and the first appointed mayor, Samuel Pryor, it gained official incorporation as a city. During the Civil War, the town faced a great catastrophic event in the form of the Great Dallas Fire which ruined many of the businesses. But through the constriction of the railroads, Dallas emerged as a great industrial city and gained prominence as the center for the oil and cotton industry. The 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy was also assassinated in the streets of Dallas in 1963, marking yet another tragic occurrence in the history of the city.  


Dallas offers an assortment of activities one can enjoy while on their trip to the city. What better way to immerse yourself into the essence of Texas, but to watch a rodeo show in Mesquite that is unlike any other. Other than the thrilling show put on by experts, mechanical bulls are also available for the brave of heart as well as pony rides and face painting for the children. The Dallas Zoo is another great spot which is one of the oldest parks in the Texas area and houses near to 2000 animals. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, the Zero Point amusement park has some very scary yet blood-pumping rides that are one of a kind.


By hiring a rental car, one is easily facilitated to explore nature and the countryside. Glen Rose, located a short distance from the city, has the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center which visitors can see by driving around in their vehicles, another reason to book a great deal with Compare Auto to hire a rental car. 


The spring season is the best time to make a visit to the city of Dallas, during which the temperature is quite moderate for roaming around and enjoying the area. Summer times can see a high rise in the heat, to about 100 degrees in the sun which is better to be avoided.  


Dallas offers a lot for tourists and locals alike to appreciate and entertain but most of these sites are scattered throughout the city and hiring a cheap rental from can make the endeavor very easy by allowing great independence and convenience to come and go as one prefers.