With you’re a mountaineer or simply looking to experience something new, Denver offers a mix of activities so that everyone has an enjoyable stay. Referred to as the Mile High City, the capital of Colorado is one of the best places to explore.  

Historical Facts

Denver was founded back in 1858 and faced many tragedies in consequent years such as fires and floods. Its economy experienced both a rise and fall during the time of the Silver Crash but the city rose above its difficulties and emerged as a successful place. The discovery of black gold in the 1950s also helped the economy. Denver then became a great place for sports and entertainment which created an influx of tourists.  

Exploring the Rockies

With art from famed artists on display, the Denver Art Museum holds a great collection that is most pleasurable to visit and see. But for the more outdoorsy of tourists or even locals, Red Rocks Park is a good place to start. Providing a great vista of the Rocky Mountains, the park allows visitors to trek along hiking trails, exhibits the fossils found on the area and the amphitheater hosts various shows that can be enjoyed. A place of great historical importance in the city of Denver, the Larimer Square at the foot of the Rocky Mountains the square has many restaurants and shops for the tourists to peruse. If you’re a baseball fan or not, the Coors Field offers a great experience whether you go there to taste the famous beer after which the stadium is named or to try out your batting skills.  

Road Trips from Denver  

Make your visit a road trip by getting out onto the roads and hitting some of the areas near to Denver. Get around with more convenience by booking yourself a hired rental car from Compare Auto and get to travelling. Steamboat Springs is a hub of activities and features a myriad of sports that one can get up to. Air Balloons can also be seen if visiting in the summer while many water sports such as kayaking can also be enjoyed. To experience a dip in the outdoor hot springs, drive to Idaho Springs that is the place to be to relax and also has cave baths. Although Aspen is a bit further out from Denver, for the adventurous of tourists, the town offers hulking mountains and skiing.  

Best Time to Get On Down To Denver

Depending on your preference, the best weather to plan a trip to Denver would be in the summer when the city is teeming with tourists from all walks of life. But if you wish for a lesser crowded experience, winter season not only offers deals on hotel fares, the weather is perfect for skiing and hiking as well.  


The most utilized airport in the city is the Denver International Airport which happens to be the largest airport in all of US. A lot of work has been done to aesthetically appeal to the travelers, with designs reflecting the mountains in the area and art is also scattered throughout. The airport facilitates its passengers in every way to make their journey a very comfortable one.