There is some dispute regarding the origins of Dublin, it is thought that a Christian settlement preceded the Viking settlement of the 9th century and a 10th century Gaelic or Celtic settlement. At any rate, following the successful Norman invasion in the 12th century, Dublin (from the Irish “Duiblinn”) was freed from Viking rule by the Anglo-Saxons and would eventually rise to became Ireland’s principal city. It would house the Parliament of Ireland until the 1800s when the Irish Act of Union merged the Kingdom of Ireland with the Kingdom of Great Britain at which point, the Irish Parliament was dissolved and the city lost its status as the capital. It would regain its status as the capital of the Irish Free State in 1923 established with the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921, and would remain so with the 1937 Constitution establishing the Irish state as Ireland.


Cork is located on Ireland’s southern coast and connected to the sea by Cork Harbor. Its weather can be described simply as temperate due to the influence of Atlantic Ocean’s breeze, with the temperature averaging a mild 50 degrees (F). July, July and August are typically the hottest months with January and February the coldest, and December the wettest. However, Irish weather can be a bit unpredictable so it is best to be prepared with clothing that can accommodate changes in temperature. The key is to dress in layers with a sweater and waterproof outerwear that can be easily stripped off as the weather commands. Drive in your cheap rental car to any of the many attractions where the nice temperate weather will remind you why this is such a lovely place to visit.



Your beginning destination is a stereotype because, well, it's Ireland. But you should make The National Leprechaun Museum your first stop the minute you pick up the rental car you booked for a great deal from It is a fantasy escape from the real world. Most people visit this museum just because of how fun and immersive it is. Adults leave behind their maturity and let themselves enjoy the experience.
Dublin Castle is nestled in the heart of Dublin, and it certainly captures tourists’ hearts. Dating from the time ok King John and later added to during the 18th century it has served as the seat of government during English and British rule. History buffs and typical tourists alike will enjoy the castle, and all it has to offer.
If you’re feeling hungry or peckish, Fade Street Social is the perfect choice. It offers restaurant level gourmet food and small dishes similar to tapas. The award winning Chef creates wondrous dishes with local homegrown produce. You can savor duck mousse, wild boar loin or truffle pasta, basically, something for all palates.
Founded in 1191, as a collegiate church and later elevated to cathedral status in 1212, Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland, is the National Cathedral of the Church of Ireland. Its spire makes it the tallest church in Ireland and it is the largest cathedral in Ireland. Author Jonathan Swift served as its Dean and is just one 700 burials on the grounds. It is awe-inspiring and majestic and regardless of your religious ideology, a spiritual experience.
The Book of Kells is one of the most famous manuscripts in the world. The book contains the 4 Gospels in Latin and details the life of Jesus Christ with amazing illustrations. It is currently situated in Trinity College Dublin where it was placed for safekeeping in 1653. It was rediscovered after having been hidden for many centuries to protect it from the Vikings.
Next, drive your awesome rental car towards a little artistic culture. The collection housed by the National Gallery of Ireland’s is extensive and has many world-renowned works belonging to artists such as Picasso, Monet, and Vincent Van Gogh. It is well-worth the visit.
Now for those interested in a different type of art, and those who are archaeology fans head over to the National Museum of Ireland. Amateur archaeologists and fans alike will be thrilled as they will be taken back in time to view amazing works of art from the Celtic and Medieval times. Visitors can see stunning artifacts made of gold.
The Irish Museum of Modern Art is another take on art and offers both contemporary and modern art. Viewers can view exhibits, or attend artist-in-residence programs, with their studios located in the stable buildings which were restored. If you love the Moderns, take a drive to the museum in your cheap car rental and revel in the art!
Once you have had your fill of high culture, cruise over in your cheap rental car to the National Aquatic Centre for water themed fun for the whole family! The AquaZone is inventive and innovative, considered one of the best water parks in Europe. You can afford to splurge because of the great savings you got when you booked the great deal with


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