The capital of Tuscany, Florence, is a historical and cultural center, boasting some of the most magnificent works of art and splendid architectural sites. It is an idyllic city with striking landscapes and brilliant museums and churches that greatly attract many travelers to the city.  


Research and evidence holds that the city of Florence was founded by Julius Caesar back in 59 BC, when it was made to be a military haven. Initially referred to as Florentia, the Roman settlement progressed and grew such that in the 3rd century AD, it has been declared the capital of what is now called Tuscany. Through the centuries, Florence continued to prosper both economically and in art, with many famed artists such as Michelangelo, da Vinci and Botticelli residing and creating masterpieces within the city. The Medici have also played a critical role in the history of Florence as rulers of the territory. It was in 1861 when Tuscany was made a part of Italy, with Florence even becoming the capital of Italy for some time.  

Things to See

Florence in today’s time has much to offer in way of history and art, especially the unparalleled works created by masters during the Renaissance. With pieces such as the Birth of Venus and other iconic works displayed proudly in the Uffizi, it is a veritable treasure trove. Similarly, make a trip to the Galleria dell’ Accademia and admire Michelangelo’s David in all his splendor and grandeur. While many tourists flock to the city for the art, there is much more to experience in Florence. Gather your courage and strength to climb the many steps to the top of the Il Duomo di Firenze, and delight in the breathtaking view of the city. Partake in the Italian cuisine at cafes and Da Nerbone for some of the most exquisite food.  

Places to Drive to  

For those looking to explore more of Tuscany can rent a hired car from Compare Auto to make their trip more untroubled and easy. Make your way to Assisi which is a little over two hours from Florence and walk through to the Piazza del Comune, with its famous fountain and clock tower. Meander through the basilicas of St. Francis as well as that of St. Claire. Another amazing place to visit from Florence is the town of San Gimignano delle Belle Torri, that houses brilliant vineyards and medieval towers. Climb up the Torre Grossa to bask in the beauty of the town and to see the spectacular view of the piazzas below.  


The months of July and August are scorching hot and better to be avoided. For more pleasant weather, April through to June as well as September and October are the best time to plan your trip to Florence. The city is teeming with tourists during this time of the year, with prices soaring high. For those looking to beat the crowds, April and October might be more suitable.  


The Florence Airport, also known as Peretola, caters to international flights and is known to be quite busy. Another airport is the Pisa Airport, the busiest in all of Tuscany and a little outside Florence, but it is notable for the cheap and economical flights.