Jackson Hole is a valley in the state of Wyoming, USA and attracts tourists from all around the world to bask in the glory of the Yellowstone Park and the mountainous ranges, with wonderous wildlife in the area.  


Before and in the early 19th century, Jackson Hole was little more than a valley with abundant wildlife which led explores to the area. Fur trappers were especially interested in the valley and hoped to exploit the animals. Native Americans would hunt the buffalos and other large animals until John Colter, leading the Lewis and Clark Expedition, happened upon the area and attracted other trappers to the valley. In 1829, David Jackson, one of the trappers named the valley after himself and became famous as Jacksons Hole. Another expedition ventured to the valley at the end of the 19th century and William Henry Jackson took photographs of the Yellowstone so that it could be conserved as a national park. Soon after, Bill Menor settled into the area and ranching became a prime focus and as word of the beauty became known to the world, more people found their way to Jackson Hole.  

Things to Do

Jackson Hole is of particular interest to those looking for an adventure and the more outdoorsy travelers. With amazing parks such as Yellowstone as well as the Grand Teton in the vicinity, there are great landscapes to be enjoy. With hiking opportunities, breathtaking snow-capped peaks as well as waterfalls, the options to explore are endless. Snake River can also be kayaked or rafted through for the braver of visitors, while the rest can idle around waterways. The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, among other resorts also allow tourists to ski around the slopes and revel in the glorious snow. Wildlife can be enjoyed particularly at the National Elf Refuge. Granite Hot Springs must also be explored to soak away all the worries and relax in the wilderness.  

Places to Drive to  

With magnificent scenery and wildlife galore, tourists can start a road trip from Jackson Hole to take in more around the area. Facilitate yourself for extra comfort and easy by hiring a rental car from companies such as Compare Auto and explore more of Wyoming. Head off to Cody and take a tour of the Buffalo Bill Museum, then continue along Highway 296 and cross over to Montana. With the complete wide-west ambiance, Montana has rodeos as well as log cabins that are highly enjoyable.  


The season to visit Jackson Hole depends on what you wish to do once you get here. Mostly, the months of April through to May and from September to October are generally considered to be the best time to visit the valley. During this time, there are less crowds of tourists, prices are low, and one can get around easily. However, summers are suitable to more enjoy the nature while winters are perfect for hitting the slopes up in the mountain resorts.  


The Jackson Hole Airport is located inside Grand Teton park and is one of the busiest in all of Wyoming, with tourists arriving in throngs especially during the peak tourism season.