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Jacksonville, the largest city in the continental United States, is a well known destination for its shorelines, fishing, shopping, museums, art and history. There is nothing Jacksonville cannot offer. And whether you are a nature, art or recreational lover, this is your exciting Florida destination!


The Timucan Indians originally inhabited the area. They were displaced by the French first and later by the Spaniards who claimed all of the Florida peninsula and northern areas and ruled this area for over 200 years. During the brief 20 year occupation by the British colonists (who then lost the lands to Spain) the area was named “Cowford” because of all the cattle that “forded” through the area and across the river. When Spain ceded its Florida lands to the United States, Florida became the 21st state and additional lands were annexed to create the town of Jacksonville. Interestingly the town was named to honor the territory’s first provisional governor, Andrew Jackson, who went on to become the seventh U.S. President but was never physically present in the town. Major development occurred in the late nineteenth century, when Jacksonville became a winter vacation destination for Northern and Canadian tourists.

Things to Do - Places to Drive

Jacksonville is a city of natural beauty. You will experience the best forms of nature as you visit Jacksonville, and your instagram photos will be loaded with likes and comments! When you’re on the vacation mode, you just have to rent a car and drive your rental car to the very beautiful Amelia Island. Amelia Island is known for its sandy beaches, clear water, and the lush green golf courses and of course the beautiful skyline. Do not forget to sip the tasty Margaritas or the lemonades as you sit by the beach, bathing in the shiny sun; and of course don’t forget to wear a sun screen! You can also drive your rental car to the Florida State Road A1A and visit the A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway, a National Scenic Byway. The beautiful and mesmerizing Byway not only bears beauty and landscape but also holds great historic significance. If you are a person who loves nature, you should never miss the chance of visiting the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens as it promises a landscape that will overwhelm you and mesmerize you with the beauty of nature it is blessed. Also, don’t forget to spend a warm afternoon in the Hanna Park as you sip freshly brewed chamomile and enjoy the scenic beauty of the beautiful park.

Jacksonville provides a wide range of places to drive to within a very short time. All that is required is that you check for cheap car rentals online, as you can rent a car with great ease. When you check different car rentals available, you should compare car rentals and once you’re done, you can rent a car at your comfort. Take a drive to the Florida State Road A1A. If you ever visit Jacksonville, a long drive with some good quality music at the Florida State Road A1A is highly recommended and is a must to do. As you drive the Florida State Road A1A, you reach the A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway. Explore the place, take beautiful photos and don’t forget to take a tour guide as you explore that place. If you’re an animal lover, you don’t want to miss driving to the Hanna Park. Once you rent a car, drive through the Florida State Road A1A, you will reach the A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway. This Byway not only hold greats geographic importance but is also extremely important historically due to the fact that it dates from the Spanish Era to the modern period and also links with the military history of the united States of America. This place also holds great archeological importance as scientists believe that a number of archeological remains have been found in the A1A Historic and Scenic Coastal Byway.


Jacksonville comes in the range of the cities that bear a hot and humid weather most of the times of the year. The hottest month is that of July, so you might want to adjust your trip accordingly. Don’t forget your umbrella as you go there as it receives heavy rain!

Airport Facts

Jacksonville International Airport is a civil-military public airport located in Downtown Jacksonville, in Duval County, Florida. Construction on the Jacksonville international Airport began in 1965 and was finalized with its dedication on September 1, 1968. The airport serves the busy city of Jacksonville and offers many amenities for the weary traveler, including shops and restaurants and outlets including, the Silver Box and Dekko Designs jewelers, Olde Town Books, NASCAR Café, Ybor City Brewing Company and Shipyard Brewery. In addition, there are game rooms, a meditation room and a seated massage. Travelling from the airport is very easy when you rent a car with and experience the beauty of travelling with independence and convenience.

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