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As vibrant as the city of London is, many tourists arrive in droves to visit the capital of England. There is something for everyone to be interested in and entertained by so much so that it can be difficult to decide on an itinerary that covers most of everything. Go shopping, pay a visit to the theater or enjoy a promenade along the river Thames. No matter the case, your vacation to London will prove to be an exciting trip.  


The city of London existed as rural settlements in the prehistoric era. The Romans founded the small city of Londinium, the size of which has been likened to Hyde Park, and after it was burned down by the Queen Boudica, the Romans rebuilt it and expanded the area. Evidence of the Roman rule can still be seen in the remains that are found during excavation endeavors. In the medieval times, the Normans assumed control over London, and William the Conqueror built the Tower of London as a stronghold, which is present to this day. The Tudors made London the center of trade during their reign and it was during this time when Shakespeare would write and produce his plays. The London of today has come a long way from what it used to be and the London Eye, also referred to as the Millennium Wheel marked the beginning of a new century.  


On the top of the list of things to do once in London, touring the Hyde Park is a definite first. Housing many of the famed landmarks such as the Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain as well as the Serpentine Lake, the park also offers a variety of other pursuits such as boating, horse riding and swimming. The iconic river Thames is also available should one wish to tour the waterbody. For a lesson in history, the Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London can be visited. And of course, what trip would be complete without a visit to the Eye of London, from where majestic views of the city can be captured and admired.


To spare the inconvenience, highly cheap rental car for hire are available such as offered by the, which can be used to further explore what Britain has to offer. Bexhill-on-Sea is half an hour’s journey from London and offers a splendid vista of the seaside. The Windsor Castle is another great attraction that one must absolutely visit. Oxford, Canterbury and many more places are just a few miles away that are made all the more accessible to explore through the liberty of renting a car.  


London receives plentiful of rain throughout the year and has a temperate climate to boast. Autumn time offers lovely weather to best enjoy the ambiance of London, although summers also receive a large tourist crowd.  


Five airports are available in London, with the Heathrow Airport being the most renowned and busiest one and receives plenty of air traffic through the year. Book a flight through any of the airports and enjoy a lovely holiday in London that is bound to leave you filled with pleasure.