The capital city of Madrid offers a bevy of opportunities to get tourists and the locals to fall in love with the place. Whether you’re travelling alone or with the family, the city has something to interest everyone. To better experience the city and all that it has to offer, arrange to have a cheap rental hired to provide great assistance and convenience during your stay.  


From epic displays of art to the historic tributes and the amazing boulevards, the Spanish city is a great choice for a holiday retreat. The Spanish capital was previously known as Mayrit and was established in the 9th century and the natives are believed to have been Iberians.  


Experience the culture of Spain through the festivities in the city and sample the unique cuisine that is sure to give you immense pleasure. Every corner beckons to the tourists. The Gran Via or the Spanish Broadway is an essential street to stop by. With the great Metrópolis building, plenty of shops, bistros and casinos lining the street, one has an endless choice of things to do and explore. Another place that tourists need to visit is Madrid’s Art Triangle with the Museo Del Prado, the Thyssen Bornemisza and the Reina Sofia that provide great art for the connoisseurs to observe. Of course art is not only limited to the museums in Madrid but various small galleries are also spread out in the area. To admire the skyline of Madrid, one can always climb up to the rooftop at Círculo de Bellas Artes. An experience unique to Spain is to appear, which involves visiting different bars to sample their drinks and tapas, which are essentially Spanish snacks served with the beverages.


When visiting Madrid; to complete the trip one should definitely check out the neighboring places that can be driven to, for an entertaining day. Such a drive can be better facilitated when one is at liberty to drive to the places of choices in a rental car of their own, which can be booked by using services such as that offer great deals and rent out cheap cars. The Valley of the Fallen, a park made as a tribute to the people who lost their lives in the civil war of Spain, makes for an interesting day trip and is quite popular. For people with an inclination to visit churches and cathedrals, the City of Stone, Avila, is a beautiful place. The ancient city of Segovia is also within limits of Madrid and is a popular tourist site as well.  


The city tends to be very hot during the months of July, with summer at the peak and January happens to be the coldest. For visitors it is best to plan a vacation during the months of March and May, when the spring season is at its finest and the weather is very pleasant.  


The first and primary airport in Madrid is the Madrid–Barajas Airport and is the busiest in the city, allowing millions of passengers’ entry into the capital.