Mexico City's high elevation means weather is temperate and pleasant year round. Summer averages 28° Celsius (83° F) and winter presents a nice cool range between 20-24° Celsius (68-74° F). You will encounter rainy summer months in Mexico, particularly in August and September which also track with the Hurricane season. However, For if you prefer it drier, January through April and November through December are better travel months. A waterproof windbreaker during the rainy summer or cool winter will be all the cover you'll need for the city.

Exploring Mexico City

The National Museum of Anthropology, within the Chapultepec Bosque, provides countless hours of immersion in the richness of Mexico's history, and its Aztec and Mayan cultures. Make sure you drive in your cheap car rental from to some of the historic sites in and around Mexico City. Emperor Maximiliano's Chapultepec Castle, the Metropolitan Cathedral as well as the Palacio Nacional all serve as excellent examples of the Spanish Colonial influence on the Mexican culture and architecture. The Plaza Mayor or Zocalo Square offers a vibrant experience with dancers and music, street vendors and all around joyful fun. But it is also the best place to begin your historic explorations. Take a one block walk to the Templo Mayor, unearthed Aztec remains of the Great Temple of Tenochticlan, used for religious ceremonies for the Gods of War and Water and recycled and rebuilt many layers over by the ancient Aztecs and their predecessors. The conquering Spaniards unceremoniously built over and destroyed many Aztec and Mayan religious center. Here you have an opportunity to experience an actual archaeological site rescued from the barbaric efforts to destroy the indigenous peoples' religious tradition. Head over to the National Palace and the Metropolitan Cathedral both also located within the Zocalo Square area and don't forget to soak in every bit of sight and sound of this bustling plaza along the way.

Mexico City offers numerous historic sites and architectural features which can be enjoyed with relatively short drives in your inexpensive rental car from Drive to Palacio de Bella's Artes, the cultural palace showcase of the National theater. Visit the Plaza de las Tres Culturas built on ancient Aztec ruins of Tlatelolco, has three structures which serve to acknowledge the three unique cultures which shaped Mexico's history; the Aztec (or Pre-Colombian), Spanish Colonial, and today's modern Mestizo culture.

If you really desire the full experience of Mexico, get a great deal on a rental car with and take a one hour drive from Mexico City to the City of the Gods at Teotihuacan and witness the majestic mesoamerican pyramids and courtyards incredibly built without the benefit of a wheel! Walk along the Avenue of the Dead and climb the the Pyramid of the Sun or Moon depending on your daredevil index. Stand at the top and look at the entire complex which houses many of the largest pyramids in Mexico. Close your eyes and try not to hear the chants or feel the ghostly presence of the human sacrifices priests offered their Gods atop these Pyramids. Along the way, prepare to be mesmerized yet again when you stop at the Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe and the cloak with the Guadalupe Virgin Mary's image displayed at this Catholic Pilgrimage site.