The Garden State of the US, New Jersey is a vacation haven for anyone looking to unwind and bask in the goodness of the sun. From the abundant beaches and the boardwalks to amazing grasslands, the bustling state offers a plethora of opportunities for touristic engagement. Make your stay extra convenient by looking for a cheap rental car hire and enjoy all that the state proclaims. 


The colonization of the land dates back to the 1600s, when Henry Hudson claimed the area as New Netherlands for the Dutch. But after the British took over, they renamed it as New Jersey in commemoration of the Isle of Jersey. It declared itself an independent state during the American Revolution and is now considered to be one of the wealthiest states in the United States.
Although most notable for its sandy beaches, the state bears the nickname of the Garden State due to its considerable contribution towards the food and agriculture industry and has a long history for facilitating its neighbors with provisions such as vegetables and fruits.  


There are plenty of things for a tourist to explore in New Jersey. From great historical sites to visit such as the Thomas Edison National Historical Park as well as enjoying a relaxing ride in the traditional carriages provided by the Cape May Carriage Company for an epic trip into the past. For the more adventurous, the Morey’s Piers amusement park is a great seaside attraction that allows from a refreshing and joyful day to be spend in the sun. The Adventure Museum is another attraction where the whole family can go and be fascinated by the marine life on display.


One of the things to check out when in New Jersey is Atlantic City and its famous Boardwalk which is brimming with attractions and fun to be had. Allowing relaxing promenades along the beach and lined with numerous hotels, the Jersey Shore also makes for an exciting adventure. The cultural heritage of New Jersey can be seen by visiting the hallowed grounds of the Civil War in Newark for the more historically inclined. With only the Hudson River standing between New Jersey and New York, tourists can accommodate themselves with a rental from, and drive to the Big Apple as well for an extended trip.  


The best months to visit New Jersey are in May in the late spring or during the early fall in September. However, for those looking to enjoy the beaches and the water, summers tend to be the best time as the temperature is considerably moderate near to the shore. Snowy winters are great for people looking to hike up into the mountainous ranges in the state.


The Newark Liberty International Airport is the primary airport from where travelers can arrive in the state and has a variety of facilities such as restaurants and kiosks for guiding the visitors. Tourists can easily arrange to hire a rental car from the from the airport to gain freedom of movement during their stay.