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GUIDE TO ORLANDO, FLORIDA gives you a great opportunity to get a cheap car rental to enjoy one of the most popular destinations in the world – Disney World for the younger set – and now Universal Orlando for the hipper and older crowd. With somewhere in excess of 50 million yearly visitors from around the world, be one of the ones cruising this wonderfully subtropical paradise in your car rental from


Orlando came into being as a result of the Seminole wars when a small fort was established in 1838 by the U.S. Army. Known as Fort Gatlin, the fort was designed to protect the small group of settlers from the Indian attacks and later served as the base for a small community to grow and prosper. Just two years later, the community of Jernigan, named for the Jernigan family which had been the first to settle in the area, flourished with northward expansion and the eventual incorporation and name change to the Town of Orlando in 1875.

During the 19th century, Orlando’s prime industries werecattle breeding, thanks to the cattle empire created by one of the Cattle Kings of Florida, JacobSummerlin, and the growing of cotton. Later in the 19th century, by about the 1880s, the Citrus industry took off when the settlers started growing citrus trees. Today, thanks to Walt Disney’s vision of a Walt Disney World, the city was transformed from a sleepy rural town into the burgeoning metropolis it is today. While tourism is the primary industry fueling Orlando’s expansion and growth as one of the fastest growing economies, Orlando is now positioning itself as a global leader for innovation technology with over 2,000 companies in the high tech industry servicing a wide range of economic sectors.


While resorts provide shuttle to and from the Disney parks and a few other primary locations, booking agood deal for an Orlando car rental with, gives you the chance to do your own exploring off the grid or at your own convenience. In addition to the tried and true tourist locations of Disney World and, SeaWorld and Universal Orlando, the locals enjoy unique restaurants and other attractions which are well-worth your exploratory drive. Visit Orlando’s Madame Tussaud Wax Museum to see eerily lifelike wax figurines, Ripley’s Believe it or Not Orlando Museum for those with unique and bizarre interests, the Discovery Cove Water Park for all the “kids”, and for the history buffs, the Titanic Museum which will give you so much more insight than you ever imagined.

Orlando weather can be described simply as cool during Winter in the range of 50s to 70s and hot during the summer with summer temperatures typically in the 90s but sometimes in the 100’s. The short bursts of rain during the long hot summer relieve some of the heat but be prepared to wear clothing designed for ventilation or moisture absorption with a hat that might help as well to shade some of that sunshine. The subtropical nature of the weather makes the humidity a factor to contend with but do not hesitate to carry a hand-held mini-fan to blow some cool breeze your way. If all else fails,drive in your cheap rental car to any of the East Coast beaches, Cocoa, Daytona, New Smyrna, Flagler or Canaveral National Seashore, each a mere hour’s drive. There, you can cool down and take in additional local sites, such as before you head back to “Mickey Town.”


Ok, so you’ve spent more than you could have imagined for Mickey tickets, and the bigger kids, including you, had to climb aboard for Universal, so why not save on your car rental with so that you can explore Orlando and its surrounding sites, on your own terms and to the best of your possible enjoyment. Don’t waste one more minute with other sites, get discounted rates and book with any one of the agencies just waiting to offer you best price and convenience to get you started on the vacation you have been waiting for.