Paris, the capital of France, is one of those places that most people always dream of visiting. Whether it is the romantic ambiance of the city or its architectural landmarks, people arrive in droves to luxuriate in all that Paris has to offer.  


The city of Paris was founded back in 3rd century BC by the Parisii tribe, hence the name. In the middle ages, Paris saw great progressed and it was during this time that the construction of the Cathedral of Notre Dame began. It was in 1789 that the French Revolution occurred, with the fall of the prison of Bastille and shortly after, in 1793, came the Great Terror in which millions of people were beheaded for revolting. And then came to power Napoleon Bonaparte who fiercely reigned over Europe until his defeat at Waterloo.  

An Evening in Paris

An art connoisseurs dream, the Louvre, is a hotspot of activity. Housing famous art pieces such as the Mona Lisa and many more, the splendor of the museum is definitely a great place to explore. The next place to visit should be the gothic cathedral of Notre Dame which is renowned for its intricate designs and architecture that took centuries to complete. Whether you venture to the crowded rooftop or roam around the lower levels, the cathedral is bound to entrance you. And of course, the night would be incomplete if one were to not see the Eiffel Tower when in Paris. A historic symbol to the people of France, the monument is a behemoth structure, the finest of its kind and receives many tourists from all over the world. Ride up to the top and enjoy beautiful, panoramic vistas of the city as well as the light show that takes place.  

Make Your Vacation a Road trip  

Make the most of your trip by proceeding out of the city and explore more of what the country has to offer. Some exciting spots are merely an hour’s drive from Paris and can be easily visited from the convenience of a rental car which one can hire from the Compare Car in order to move around with more liberty. The Castle of Chantilly makes for an interesting road trip what with a dazzling stable that features horse shows and the café that provides the finest from the local produce. Another charming spot to visit is the Vaux-le-Victome, which is the inspiration behind the designs at Versailles. The view itself is enticing for one to drop by the place and traverse the grounds through the comforts of a gold cart.  

Paris - For All Seasons

The city in the months of July and January faces the most extreme of temperature. The optimum climate for a holiday in Paris would be from June to August, though beware of the throngs of people. Fall is another appropriate time from a visit.  

Book Your Trip

The best flight to take is to the Paris Orly Airport particularly due to its location near to central Paris. It is the second busiest airport in Paris after Charles de Gaulle Airport.