The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, is a city of wonderful beauty. Regarded as a gem for all its splendor and charm, Prague is an incredibly popular destination for tourists worldwide that flock to the city to appreciate the architectural grandeur and the artistic brilliance that is unlike any in the world.  


The valley of Prague dates back to the Ice Age and communities colonized the area near to 4000 BC, with many Celtic and Germanic tribes inhabiting the area. Then the Slavs in the 6th century and established themselves along with the Germanics. In the 9th century, the Prague castle was built by the leader of the Premyslid Dynasty, Prince Borivoj and in the coming centuries, Christianity was adopted as the state religion. Prague stood tall through the years of the Second World War, even as Hitler’s armies occupied the city. The Prague of today is a hub of tourism and industry.  

Exploring the Sites

Make your trip an experience you will never forget by doing the most exciting things that the city has to offer. For those with a religious interest there is a statue of Jesus Christ, called as the Infant Jesus, or the Child of Prague in Mala Strana. The shrine is frequented by many tourists and believers alike. Traverse through the Old Town Square, generally exploring and eating at the various restaurants and marvel at the Astronomical Clock as it strikes the hour. The mechanical clock is situated in the south of the town hall and has been preserved with great pride and care. Take a stroll over the Charles Bridge which was built back in the 14th century and bask in the sheer brilliance of the experience. Roam through the halls of the ancient and historic Prague Castle which stands proudly still and is considered to be a very popular site for visitors.  

Driving the Routes  

Prague and the Czech Republic have a plethora of recreational sites that people can visit and at their complete leisure. With a rental car hired from, make any trip an exciting road trip and venture into the fascinating towns and villages that the country has to offer. It is but a three-hour drive from Prague out to Cesky Krumlov, where one can wander around in the castle or kayak down the Valtava River, if feeling particularly adventurous. From there, head out to Mikulov that has quaint villages of historic importance and great vineyards as well, where one can sample some of the finest wine. Stopping by the town of Olomouc, make your way back to Prague.  

Weather Conditions

Tourists generally flock to the city in the more warmer months, avoiding the chilly weather that Prague generally has. Early fall and late spring are some of the best times to plan your visit to Prague, with lesser crowds littering the city and a mild weather to enjoy the great outside.  

Booking Your Flight

Previously known as the Prague Ruzyne Airport, the Vaclav Havel Airport is the busiest airports in the entire Czech Republic. It is the most active in all of Prague, located downtown and caters to the international flights and offers economical and budget flights to the travelers.