Rome, the capital of Italy, is a cultural and artistic center with may attractive sites to visit and explore. Referred to as the Eternal City, the land of Rome is rich in its history and has abundant monuments. Boasting spectacular vistas and delightful cuisine, Rome has a lot to offer the tourists.  

History of the Eternal City

According to resources, Rome has existed since 753 BC, and as legends would have it, it was founded by the twins Romulus and Remus, although it is speculated that the land existed even before that. Initially ruled over by kings, the Romans soon assumed control of the city and set in place a senate to handle the affairs of the Roman Republic. Of the many political figures of Rome, the most prominent stands to be Gaius Julius Caesar, who conquered Gaul and Rome itself but met his demise when he was murdered. And later when Commodus was killed, the Roman rule came to an end.  

When in Rome

Rome offers various pursuits for everyone to enjoy. For the history buffs, there are many ruins to meander through, such as the Roman Forum, which takes one back to the ancient time and brings the past to life. The Arch of Titus, the Circus Maximus and many other structures can be explored. Visiting the Colosseum is an absolute must for anyone who should visit Rome. The spectacular amphitheater, famous for the battles of the gladiators and such is a magnificent structure of history. Then there is the Piazza Navona littered with restaurants and shops for one to peruse through. The Trevi Fountain, one of the most stunning in the world, should be checked out. The Museum of Rome, featuring Baroque art and other extravagant pieces should also be investigated. The Spanish Steps, Peter’s Basilica and Vatican Museums are more of the numerous sites that can be visited.  

Scenic Routes  

By renting a cheap car from make your trip more comfortable and take a road trip through some of the scenic routes that Rome provides. One can drive to the Amalfi Coast that accords with its magnificent cliffs and spectacular oceanic vistas. Then there is Tuscany that allows tourists to dapple in exquisite wines and bask in the beautiful countryside. One can always cruise through the lakes in the Lake District or visit the Dolomite range with its breathtaking panoramas. Hike through the beautiful alpines to make the most of your experience. To take in more of the natural beauty that Italy has to offer, travel through the Sabina foothills on to Terni for a complete Italian experience.  


To enjoy Rome without the bustling tourist crowd, visit in October through to April, when the weather is relatively cool. Or one can plan for May or September when the days are warmer and the nights luxuriously cool.  

Airport Facts

There are two airports in Rome; the Fiumicino Airport, officially called the Leonardo da Vinci Airport after the famed artist, and the Ciampino Airport. The former is employed by most major airlines while the latter is economical and for those travelling on a budget.