Luxuriate in all that San Francisco has to offer from the safety of your hired rental and drive through some of the most beautiful of landscapes and attractions that the city provides. One of the most important cities of California both for its maritime trade and for commercial reasons, San Francisco is also notable for its many tourist attractions. 


The city of San Francisco started out as a hometown to the people of Oholone. It was in 1597 when Sir Francis Drake happen upon the area but sailed away. It wasn’t until 1776 that the Spanish established the army base of Presidio and took the natives as slaves. Later in the years, San Francisco served as the gateway to El Dorado, the city of gold, which made a frenzy break out in the area and had people moving in throngs towards the city, which resulted in a state of lawlessness and anarchy. As the gold rush died down, new houses emerged and San Francisco entered a state of modernization, through the development of the Golden Gate Park. A tragedy struck San Francisco during this period as an earthquake shook the San Andreas Fault line and resulted in fires throughout the city. Eight years after the fact, another earthquake struck the city but San Andreas recovered and grew.  


One of the best and must-see spots from San Francisco include the Yosemite National Park with its rugged beauty and amazing wonders such as the Yosemite Falls, the granite mountains of El Capitan and most especially the giant Sequoia Trees. To indulge and sample the exquisite wine of San Francisco, one must visit the wineries at Napa and Sonoma most preferably by driving to the area in a cheap car hire to make the most of the day.


San Francisco offers a lot in the way of excursions and sightseeing, along with various other pursuits. The Golden Gate Bridge is an astounding piece of architecture that allows a beautiful panorama of the surrounding waterbody and to better appreciate it, Fort Point is recommended for the best view. One can also visit and tour the century old military prison of Alcatraz, or more familiarly known as The Rock. Known to house some ruthless and notorious of criminals back in the day, the prison affords a thrilling escape into the past. The San Francisco bay area allows tourists and even locals to bike along the shores and explore the wetlands.  


The best climate in San Francisco occurs in September till November. Springs are mild whereas fall offers a warm weather leading to lesser visitors. Generally, in the summer, which are comparatively less hot as the fall weather, many tourists flock to the San Francisco area to partake in the activities.  


San Francisco International Airport is the prime airport in California and receives countless passengers throughout the year. Utilize and have your cheap rental car await you at the airport, so that you can avoid the hassle of locating a cab and have more mobility and liberty to enjoy your vacation.