A highly desirable destination site, the Greek island of Santorini is famous for magnificent sunsets and vistas unlike any in the world. An ideal romantic getaway, people flock to the island in droves and thoroughly enjoy the remarkable experience.  

The Eruption

The Island of Santorini is the result of cataclysmic volcanic eruptions, leaving it a deserted ruin until 13th century BC when Phoenicians settled into the area. They named the island Kallisti for its immense beauty, which was later changed to Thera by the Dorians. After the victory of the crusaders in the 4th Crusade when Constantinople fell, the island was taken under the leadership of Marco Sanudo and it came to be known as Santorini. Although the Turks ruled over the land for a time and called the island Dermetzik, Santorini was annexed to Greece after the Greek War of Independence and it greatly flourished and progressed in the following years.  

Bask in the City Air

A city buzzing with great adventure for the tourists to delve into, Budapest offers much in the way of brilliant attractions. The architectural magnificence of the Parliament Building, with its gothic appearance and style is a brilliant place to visit or even admire from across the Danube. Enjoy a grand afternoon at Gellert Bath by relaxing under the expert massages offered by the masseuses at the sauna or submerge in the grand pools of the spa center. Wander through Heroes Square and admire the prominent monument that pays homage to eminent historical figures of Hungary. Take a walk along the river Danube, credited to be the second-longest in Europe, and admire the many attractions the city has to offer, such as Buda Castle and Fisherman’s Bastion. Try out some of the traditional dishes such as the goulash soup and the Palinka at various pubs around the city.

The Perfect Summer Destination  

Santorini offers some very eclectic and unique experience for its visitors to make their tour a highly enjoyable endeavor. Brave the cliffs overlooking the Amoudi Bay and dive off into the clear Mediterranean depths below for a great adrenaline rush. The less adventurous can always swim around in the waters or sunbathe on the nearby rocks. Put on your hiking shoes and venture onto the Fira Trail to Oia, luxuriating in the breathtaking views along the way. Sample the wine by participating in the Sunset Wine Tour, that allows you to taste some of the finest wines in the area while also catching the iconic sunset the island is famous for. With so much to see and do, hire a rental car with a great deal from and make it easy to move about.  

Ferry Around

While Santorini is stunning in itself, one must explore the nearby islands as well. Take the ferries traveling out of Santorini on to the many islands of the Aegean Sea and make the most of your vacation. The picturesque white buildings with the blue roofs at Ios are a delight, as are the many windmills around the island. Move on to the largest of the Cycladic Islands and home to Greek God Zeus, Naxos, which has ancient dwellings to traipse through and sunsets which are just as glorious as those of Santorini. Step onto Thirassia and travel back in time to when the island was home to the ancient Manolas, who perished with the catastrophic volcanic eruptions. Whitewashed houses now spread over the island that is still untouched in its beauty.  

Book Your Tour

Beat the crush of summer by planning and booking your trip in advance to the heavenly island of Santorini. Most tourists plan their visit in the months of June to September, which is ideal if one plans on basking under the sun at the many beaches and swimming in the cool waters. For more mild temperature, opt for the months of April and November which are also favorable for sightseeing around the island.  

Purchase Those Tickets

The Santorini International Airport receives all international flights to the island and offers cheap and economical flights for budget travelers. Also catering to the military, it is a comparatively small airport but sees to the comfort of the tourists.