The capital of Andalusia, Seville is a culturally rich city of Spain, considered to be a top destination for a joyous vacation, with tourists flocking to the city in throngs.  


Sevilla started out as an Iberian town, before the Romans took over in the 2nd century and the land came to be known as Hispalis. Later in the 5th century, Muslims assumed control of the area. Now called Ishbilya, it progressed as a cultural center and was established as the capital of the Spanish territory of the Almohads in the 12th century. Later in 1248, the Muslim rule ended, and Seville became an important Castilian City. During this time, Seville underwent an artistic golden age, giving birth to many a painters and sculptors. Through the course of history, plagues hit the city, killing off a majority of its population each time. But the city persevered through the dark times and was made the capital of the province of Andalusia in the 1980s.  

Marvel at the Attractions

The imposing Seville Cathedral is a famous architectural attraction of the city that was built back in the 15th century. Stroll through the gothic structure filled with ancient artifacts and visit the La Giralda, adjacent to the cathedral. The largest landmark in the city, La Giralda can be climbed to admire the stunning vista of Seville. Venture on to the opulent palace of Real Alcazar and its lush gardens, home to the Spanish royal family. Stroll through the recently renovated Plaza de Espana and gape at the enormous palace that overlooks the plaza, then move onto the extensive Maira Lusia Park that boasts fountains, pavilions as well as a botanical garden. The bank of the river Guadalquivir allows for a very enjoyable walk and accords a great view of the old city of Triana, that can be crossed over to through the Isabel Bridge.

Move About the Towns  

Located where it is, Seville allows tourists to set out on day trips to take in more of Andalusia, by driving out of the city limits to explore the neighboring areas. Granada, a few hours out of Seville, is a popular Spanish city where one must try out the tapas, which are special snacks of the Spanish cuisine. Take advantage of the great deals offered for booking a cheap car rental through Hop in your affordable rental car and stop at beautiful Mezquita in the town of Cordoba. One of the White Towns of Andalusia, Ronda is quite impressive and remarkable both for its architecture as well as its setting in the mountains. Taste the fish and the tapas in the small town of Cadiz and lounge away at the beach, basking the pleasant weather. For the more historically inclined visit the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Italica and check out the Amphitheatre in the area.  


The weather conditions in Seville are such that one can plan a trip all throughout the year, however, the shoulder season from September through to January is the absolute best time with fewer crowds and reasonable airfare and housing. For those looking to attend festivals, such as the Semana Santa, the better choice is to visit during the high season, February to January. The weather is especially moderate during this time of the year, allowing tourists to roam around and explore.  


The sixth busiest in Spain, Seville Airport caters to international flights and receives a lot of domestic traffic, handling almost 2 million passengers a year. Offering incredibly economical flights, the airport is located a few kilometers out of the city.