Experience the beauty of Tampa, the largest city in Hillsborough County, Florida with a discount rental car that allows you to visit all the well-known attractions. Tampa, lovingly called “The Big Guava,” enjoys subtropical weather. The Tampa waters, caressed by the Gulf breeze, welcome you all year round with warmth and pleasures beyond compare. Bask in the sun and enjoy the surf then drive in your Tampa rental car from to all the wonderful Tampa sites.


The town of Tampa was first incorporated in 1855, soon after the United States had taken possession of Florida from Spain. During the Civil War Tampa suffered economic ruin but the eventual post-war reconstruction and increased business opportunities, including the railroad and Cuban cigar manufacturing, brought new settlers eager to share in the economic wealth. The 1920s brought increased tourism and land settlers from the North. The 1950s saw growth due to military bases and the servicemen who would later call Tampa their home. In the 1970s and 1980s an urban renewal program professionally revitalized the Downtown which soon became home to convention centers, stores, stadiums, and condominiums. Today Tampa boasts that it on the threshold of changes that will assure it of a vital role in the country's future.


Tampa prides itself on being the place “Where the good life gets better every day.” The stunning sites make it happen. Get behind the wheel of your Tampa rental car and take in the beauty of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and the views it has to offer. Take the kids to the top-ranked zoo for children. Visit the electrifying Busch Gardens and Ybor City – a National Historic Landmark District – and the former cigar capital of the world. Admire the old buildings and the rich history they offer. Forget buses or taxicabs be in charge of your experience and enjoy the “Good Life” on your own terms. Why be limited to just one city or restricted to one specific area. Turn the wheel and head off to St. Petersburg home of the Salvador Dali Museum. Glide into beautiful Sarasota and enjoy the fine sand and beaches before driving back to more of Tampa.


The Bid Guava offers hot and humid weather and thunderstorms -- a frequent occurrence which has led to the dubious honor of being known as the “Lightning Capital of North America.” While Tampa has its cold snaps, year round temperatures run between 70s and 90s. July and August are the hotter months but come the rainy season temperatures fall to the 70s. It is best to check your season and peek outside the door when heading out the door.


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