Toronto, the capital city of Ontario, Canada, is the largest in the county and a much-favored destination among the tourists. With much to offer in the way of art, culture and festivals, the city is a great place to plan a vacation to.  


The city of Toronto emerged as a mere settlement with Indians and other tribes occupying the land. After the explorer Etienne Brule ventured into the area, more Europeans began to set foot into Toronto until 1760, when the English took control after driving the French out. Years later in 1793, John Graves Simcoe declared the area of Toronto, then known as Fort York, a city in official rights and three years later, Yonge Street, today the longest in the world, was made. The name was changed to Toronto later in 1834. Toronto flourished and soon grew into an industrial metropolitan, urbanizing at a rapid pace. Through years of war and strife, Toronto faced much suffering but persevered through it all and became the megacity it is today. With a staggering population of 2.4 million, it ranks as one of the largest in North America.  

Things to See

The CN Tower, credited to be one of the tallest in the world, offers a majestic view of the city from its incredible height. Shop at St. Lawrence Market for some of the best Canadian fare and if you are lucky enough to be visiting at the time of the One of a Kind Show, a consumer craft show that happens twice in a year in Toronto, be sure to visit. Take a tour of the Toronto Zoo and visit the pandas that are on special exhibit at the zoo. For the more historically inclined, the Royal Ontario Museum as well as the Bata Show Museum are delightful places to see, especially the latter, which boasts a magnificent collection of footwear.  

Places to Drive to  

When in Toronto, make your trip easier by renting a hired car from and get around with comfort. One of the best places to venture out to is the Niagara Falls, a 90-minute drive that is well worth the distance. Hit the beaches at Port Elgin and hike around or plan a day drip to Wasaga Beach and ride around in a banana boat for added adventure. Another place to travel to outside the city limits is the Algonquin Provincial Park, where one can partake in a variety of activities from canoeing and fishing, to hiking and camping, all the while enjoying the magnificent beauty of nature all around.  


If you are looking to avoid the crowds and are not looking to splurge, it is best to visit during the winter seasons, although fall and spring are preferable as the winters tend to be freezing. Some of the best tourist times are from April to May and September through to October when the weather is mild and allows one to walk around in comfortable ease.  


With near to eight airports in the Greater Toronto Area, passengers and visitors can easily choose the one that is suitable to them. The Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, one of the busiest in Canada, greatly caters to tourists and offers feasible air fare.