The Spanish city of Valencia is the perfect destination for your summer holidays. Unwind under the sun at the many beaches littering the area and explore the castles left behind from the past. Enjoy the tapas and make your trip a memorable and joyous occasion.  

Up till Now

The coastal city of Valencia is one of the oldest in the country. Established by the Romans in 138 BC, it underwent tremendous progress and growth before it was taken over by the Visigoth. Muslims also found their way to the city and introduced it to art and sciences. The Golden Age, or the Renaissance, allowed for great agricultural and economic development in Valencia, but was quickly followed by the Dark Ages. In the 20th century, modernistic architecture was inculcated in the designs of the buildings and today, Valencia offers a mix of medieval and modern structures for tourists to admire.  

Enjoy the City

Numerous plazas are spread out all over Spain, with the most beautiful Plaza de la Reina located in Valencia. Lined with trees to provide some shade under the sun, tourists can stroll around and sample tapas and drinks at the local restaurants in the area. Rumored to contain the Holy Grail of Jesus, the Valencia Cathedral is an enormous structure, with winding bell towers one can climb to take in a stunning view of the city. Venture inside the walls of the cathedral to check out the art collection on display. Check out the Turia Park, that was once a river before being converted to a public park. Head out to the beach to enjoy a quick swim in the clear waters and relax under the sun on the great stretch of sand. Shop for souvenirs at the street markets that are set up weekly or the many shops dotting the streets of Valencia.

Road Trip Around Spain  

Try to see as much of Spain as possible so book with and get a cheap car rental deal then drive out of Valencia to the surrounding cities and experience the entire Spanish culture. An interesting city is that of Cuenca, renowned for the hanging houses that are perched on the edge of cliffs that are a sight to see. For some water related activities, stop at the water park in Segorbe and travel over the aqueduct in the city. Taste the paella, a rice-based dish famous in the Valencian cuisine, at the restaurants in El Palmar, where the rice fields for the dish are located. Explore the castle on the hill in the historical town of Xativa and bask in the magnificent vistas from the top.  

Check the Weather

With warm, pleasant weather and the streets void of crowds, April and May are the months to plan a visit to Valencia. Similarly, in the winters there are little to no tourists although the attractions close up early on. To relax on the beach and soak in the sun, the summer months are quite favorable, however the beaches are likely to be crowded and the hotel expenses are high as well.  

Book Your Flight

The Manises Airport, also known as Valencia Airport is located a few kilometers out of the city and receives a great deal of traffic, making it one of the busiest of airports in Spain. It provides transport as well as parking facilities and ensures complete comfort to travelers.